S3 E2 – Kristy Woodson Harvey – Feels Like Falling Rises as a Narrative Vaccine

Feels Like Falling

S3 E2 – Kristy Woodson Harvey – Feels Like Falling Rises as a Narrative Vaccine – We are all looking for an escape right now and Kristy Woodson Harvey provides the perfect antidote to isolation with her new book Feels Like Falling which debuts April 28th.

Let’s face it; a strong Southern writer with grit is no match for a pandemic. Kristy shares with Lynda her unique experience of launching a book in the midst of a global health crisis and offers encouragement to writers whose events have been side-lined. She sees this pandemic as a creative gift that has forced her to think differently in order to connect with her readers.

She is collaborating with several best-selling authors, including Mary Alice Monroe & Mary Kay Andrews, to form ‘Friends and Fiction’ which serves to support the work of fellow fiction writers while introducing their work to a new audience.

This episode is full of insights, personal revelations and real world advice. It’s a roadmap to success in the midst of uncertain times.

Kristy is the best-selling author of 6 novels including the popular Peachtree Bluff series. She is proof positive that great things can happen when you just keep writing!

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