S2 E9 – Joshilyn Jackson – Story Arc, Narrative Drive & Plot Twists

Never Have I Ever

S2 E9 – Joshilyn Jackson – Story Arc, Narrative Drive & Plot Twists – What if someone knew your worst secret and was ready to use it against you? New York Times award-winning author Joshilyn Jackson keeps us on edge with that chilling premise in her psychological thriller Never Have I Ever. Fellow author, Lee Child, says “it has an ominous backbeat.” Joshilyn sits down with Lynda to reveal where she gets the inspiration for crafting unforgettable characters and the way she exposes the psychological under currents of her characters.

Scuba diving plays a big part in Never Have I Ever. Joshilyn took scuba diving lessons before writing this novel and she talks about the way it changed the direction of the story. She gives insight into her writing life and how her writing has changed since she wrote her debut novel, Gods in Alabama. Joshilyn takes us inside the mind of a writer and has practical advice for every creative.

Joshilyn Jackson’s debut novel, Gods in Alabama, won SIBA’s 2005 Novel of the Year award and her novels has twice won Georgia Author of the Year awards. She serves on the board of Reforming Arts a nonprofit that runs education-in-prison and re-entry programs. Through this organization, Joshilyn has taught creative writing, composition, and literature inside Georgia’s maximum security facility for women.

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