S2 E7 – Mary Alice Monroe – Land & Life Mirrored in Reality

Mary Alice Monroe

S2 E7 – Mary Alice Monroe – Land & Life Mirrored in Reality – In her newly released novel, The Summer Guests, New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe explores the complexities of relationships and the parallels between land and life. A hurricane is the catalyst that brings very different characters together in this novel and as the storm approaches the S.C. coast, residents are forced to evacuate and leave possessions behind. An important question is posed: what do I treasure most?

Mary Alice Monroe talks with Lynda about the real storm that sparked the idea for this novel, she reveals how it made her realize what she treasures most and she reveals the way she immerses herself in the research of environmental issues for each novel. She explains that her readers come for the emotional pull of her writing and the bonus is that they become aware of the natural world.

In this episode, Mary Alice shares teachable moments about her own writing life and the way her friendship with fellow writers helps sustain and improve her craft. She offers encouragement for college graduates and for anyone questioning the path forward.

Mary Alice is the recipient of numerous awards for her work including the South Carolina Center for the Book Award and she was the 2018 inductee into the South Carolina Literary Hall of Fame by the S.C. Academy of Authors. Her best-selling novel The Beach House was adapted into a Hallmark Hall of Fame original movie.

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