S2 E6 – Mary Kay Andrews – Staying True to a Dream

Mary Kay Andrews

S2 E6 – Mary Kay Andrews – Renovating a Life While Staying True to a Dream – The New York Times bestselling author and Queen of the Beach Reads, Mary Kay Andrews, delivers this summer’s blockbuster, Sunset Beach. In this episode Lynda takes us beyond the book and talks with Mary Kay about her back-story to becoming such a prolific writer. Mary Kay shares her advice on writing and publishing and the secret to sustaining her career.

There are many teachable, take-it-to-the writing desk moments throughout. Mary Kay takes us back to her journeyman days as a journalist for two southern newspapers and the way she developed her formula for writing that she still uses today. She talks about her ’light bulb’ moment, the importance of focus and staying true to your dream, and how her ‘scam a day’ helped propel her forward.

Mary Kay’s success has been driven by her ability to renovate her identity as an author and then put in the work needed to make it a reality. Today, she shares how any writer can do the same.

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