S2 E4 – Dr. Joan Cashin – Looking Past the Traditional Civil War Narrative

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S2 E4 – Dr. Joan Cashin – So you think you know everything about the Civil War? Think again. In this episode, Georgia native, noted Civil War historian and acclaimed author Dr. Joan Cashin provides a fresh perspective on the Civil War in her award-winning book, WAR STUFF: The Struggle for Human and Environmental Resources in the American Civil War and she offers one of the most original interpretations of our country’s most wrenching internal conflict to date.

WAR STUFF puts a spotlight on a largely unexplored topic of the Civil War and focuses on what happens off the battlefield. Joan talks with Lynda about what happened when the conflicts of the war showed up in all these other places such as people’s homes, in their fields, in the main square. Especially in the South. Joan pieces together the lead up to the Civil War and talks with Lynda about the beginning of the War on April 12, 1861 at Ft. Sumter, South Carolina. She poignantly reminds us why the memories of the post-war South proved as complicated as the war itself. Joan Cashin takes us inside the politics and practicalities of a war that still resonates in our collective memory. | Twitter: @JoanECashin

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