S2 E3 – Kevin Watson – Press 53 and the Prime Purpose of Publishing

Kevin Watson

S2 E3 – Kevin Morgan WatsonPress 53 Founder and Publisher, talks with Lynda about why running a publishing house is like ‘taming an octopus’ and the advantages for authors of being published by a small independent press. Kevin reveals why his publishing house specializes in short-fiction and poetry and offers up salient advice for authors from his real-world perspective. His career has taken him from the airline industry to the world of book publishing and the reinvention has kept him creative. In this episode he shares the 2 most important things a writer should know about the publishing industry, the importance of real books and what he looks for when a manuscript comes across his desk. Kevin shares why there is no better calling card than being published and how being ‘a literary citizen’ sparked his creation of the High Road Festival of Poetry & Short Fiction.

The High Road Festival of Poetry and Short Fiction

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