S2 E2 – Patrice Gopo – Heritage, Ethnicity and the Value of Diversity

Patrice Gopo, All the Colors We Will See

S2 E2 – From her white Sunday school classes as a child, to her early days of marriage in South Africa, to a new home in the American South with a husband from another land, award-winning author Patrice Gopo’s life is a testament to the challenges and beauty of the world we each live in, a world in which cultures overlap every day.
Patrice talks with Lynda about the writing journey that resulted in her new collection of essays, All the Colors We Will See and shares the way the reality of being different affects her quest to belong. In this honest and courageous conversation, Patrice examines the complexities of identity in our turbulent yet hopeful time of intersecting heritages. As she digs beneath the layers of immigration questions and race relations, Patrice also turns her voice to themes such as marriage and divorce, the societal beauty standards we hold, and the intricacies of living out our faith.
Patrice Gopo’s work has appeared in The New York Times andThe Washington Post among other publications and her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

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