S2 E12 – Landis Wade & Ed Southern: Why You Should Attend a Writers’ Conference

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S2 E12 – Landis Wade & Ed Southern: Why You Should Attend a Writers’ Conference – We could all use more creativity in our writing lives. Sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement and a reality check. A writing conference is a perfect place to find it. Nothing beats the authentic engagement and energy of meeting fellow writers and publishing industry pros face to face. In this episode Lynda is joined by two special guests who break it all down – author and podcaster Landis Wade and Ed Southern, Executive Director of the North Carolina Writers’ Network. Landis gives us tips and insights from an author’s point of view. Ed takes us behind the scenes for an insider perspective.

Landis Wade is a recovering attorney and the author of the popular award-winning Christmas courtroom adventure trilogy; The Christmas Heist, The Legally Binding Christmas & The Christmas Redemption. Landis has been writing all his life. That’s what lawyers do. But he had a revelation in his mid-50s when he realized it was more fun to write about conflict than to experience it. And so, while still practicing law, he began writing fiction when he penned a Christmas story for his family that turned into his first published book. Landis is also the host of Charlotte Readers Podcast where authors give voice to their written words.

In this episode Landis talks about the way a writing conference helps you think differently and how it helps spark ideas, friendships and important professional connections. Landis shares a few things he learned from Longmire best-selling author Craig Johnson and he has practical advice for anyone thinking about attending a writing conference for the first time.

Landis and Lynda
Landis and Lynda – Fellow Podcasters

Ed Southern is Executive Director of the North Carolina Writers’ Network. He served as VP of sales and marketing for John F. Blair Publishers before taking the helm at the NC Writers’ Network in 2008. Ed is the author of 4 books including a short story collection, Parlous Angels. He received the 2015 Fortner Award from St. Andrews University for his service to the literary arts in North Carolina. In this episode, Ed talks about the purpose of the NC Writers’ Network and what sets their conferences apart. He talks about the many opportunities available to writers who attend a conference and if there ever comes a point when workshops are no longer of value to a writer. As Executive Director of a conference he has lots of decisions to make to bring it all together. He shares the best ways to prep for a conference and why writers from around the world are encouraged to join the NC Writers’ Network. He also talks about a habit he wished every writer would adopt.

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