S2 E10 – Rea Frey – Motivations, Secrets & the Relationships That Connect Them

Rea Frey

S2 E10 – Rea Frey – Motivations, Secrets & the Relationships That Connect Them – Award-winning author Rea Frey sits down with Lynda to talk about her new domestic suspense novel, Because You’re Mine. The book revolves around lots of secrets and unpredictable characters. It’s a gut-wrenching mystery with a heart-breaking, unexpected ending. It asks – how well do we really know our friends?

You may know Rea from her debut novel, Not Her Daughter, which launched her into the fiction market and onto best-seller lists. Her previous books were non-fiction. They focused on health, cheating boyfriends and detoxing before pregnancy.

Rea tells us what it’s like getting your debut novel published and then optioned for a TV series. Today we get into Rea’s writing life, her work ethic and why you need to think of your book differently once it’s published.

Rea is a brand specialist, who helps her clients hone and refine their ideas but it wasn’t until she was at an airport, waiting to board a flight that the idea for her debut novel came to her. She wrote it in one month. Rea talks about the way writing Not Her Daughter changed her life.

In this episode, Rea talks about the business of writing and she has salient advice for writers. We dive into the motivation for writing Because You’re Mine. Rea takes us along for the ride where lines are crossed, morals are questioned and there’s a secret reveal. You might say it’s a cliffhanger.

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