Rea Frey
Award-Winning Southern Author

“Lynda Bouchard is the most personable and creative marketing professional I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She tailors a marketing and publicity plan based on what you like to do–not what you’re expected to do. In our work together, I felt she got to really know me: my story, my background, and what makes me tick. Because of that deep work, I was able to land amazing press that made a difference not only in sales but in my relationships in the industry. Lynda Bouchard really cares about her clients, both as a creative and a professional. A total delight.” 

David Oakley
Not a New York Times Bestselling Author

“Marketing a book is even harder than writing one. I learned so much from Lynda. She’s focused, she gets stuff done, and she’s fun to work with.”

Ken Burger
Southern Independent Publishers award-winning author of Baptized in Sweet Tea  (Evening Post Press)

“No one in this business is more hardworking, imaginative, fearless, straightforward and fun to work with.”

Mary Jane Clark
New York Times best-selling author of Dying for Mercy  (Macmillan)

“One of the most pleasurable book tours I ever had was due to the welcoming readers of South Carolina and Booking Authors Ink. Not only did Lynda greet me at the airport and get me to book events on time but she gave me a delightful walking tour of Beaufort, educated me on some of the history of the Low Country, took me to the best restaurant for fried green tomatoes and made sure that I was ensconced for the night in a beautiful old plantation house. When we were all finished, I felt like I had been on a mini-vacation. Booking Authors Ink makes an author happy.”

Kevin Costner
Academy Award-winning director, actor & darn good golfer

“Lynda was my secret weapon at the BMW pro-am in Greenville, SC. Her knowledge of golf, media savvy and cheerful enthusiasm made my tour a memorable one.”

Steve Doocy
Fox News Emmy award-winning broadcaster & best-selling author of Tales from the Dad Side  (William Morrow)

“I think Lynda at Booking Authors Ink taught the Energizer Bunny everything it knows!”

Dorothea Benton Frank
New York Times best-selling author of Return to Sullivan’s Island  (William Morrow)

“I’ve worked with Lynda on several occasions, when the weather was bad and the timing was tricky. Lynda always made sure I was there on time and not a bit frazzled. She’s a great lady with a wonderful personality!”

Harvey Mackay
New York Times awarding-winning author, nationally syndicated columnist, business speaker (HarperCollins)

“If you want to maximize your time on your next book tour, I highly recommend you call Lynda at Booking Authors Ink. Her media savvy and knowledge of what it takes to promote you and your book made my tour in Charlotte, N.C. a standing room only, sold-out success. Lynda goes the extra mile to create the “‘wow” factor!“

Mary Monroe
New York Times best-selling author of God Don’t Like Ugly  (Kensington)

“I LOVED working with Lynda during my book tours to North and South Carolina. She made hectic days of visiting book sellers and entertaining my readers so much more enjoyable. I sincerely appreciated her attitude, her professional and direct approach to everything we did, her knowledge, her sense of humor, and her patience. I hope to work with Booking Authors Ink and her great team again soon.”

Edmund Morris
Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award–winning author (Random House)

“Lynda punctuated my media interviews and book events in Raleigh with professionalism and humor. My Southern book tour stands out as a most memorable highlight thanks to her.”

Buzzy Porter
Publicist, William Morrow Publishing

“I always enjoy collaborating with Lynda on publicity for our authors. Her specialized knowledge of Southern media markets and solid working relationship with regional media is invaluable to us. She is a rare combination of creative genius, journalist, marketing pro and always an author evangelist.”


Kathryn Brown Ramsperger
Author of The Shores of Our Souls

“Lynda is a creative force. She taught me the importance of marketing my book BEFORE it was published. She inspires, empowers and enlightens authors. The consummate professional, Lynda puts all of her passion into teaching you how to market your book while you target and engage your audience.”

Murder, Forgotten Cover

Award-winning author of Murder, Forgotten

“Lynda is the kind of collaborator I cherish — responsive, professional and competent. Her creative energy is boundless.”