Can Too Many Choices Keep You From Author Greatness?

Brilliant accomplishments are nearly always the result of a consuming passion.

Whether in business, marriage or sports, those with passion have a motivation that is undeniable. Just watch the performance of a passionate golfer, baseball player or musician. Passion is the highest form of human motivation.

So, what, you may ask – does this have to do with writing and marketing? EVERYTHING! It further illustrates my theory that small is the new big. Small is agile and effective.

Passionate people are undistracted. They are focused and committed. They have chosen. The price of passion is a willingness to say NO. Marketing at its core is all about choices and saying NO to everything else except the right one.

We live in a world of over-choice. It is a sublime seducer that whispers, “You can have it all!” As a result, you have too many options, you aren’t focused and your book won’t rise above all the noise.

The word ‘NO’ allows you to focus. This principle of focus is something you know well as a writer. Extend it to your marketing efforts. Exclusivity fosters creativity. Exclude – by choice– that which matters less, so that you can give your attention and effort to what matters most. One well- placed article or interview is worth a dozen misplaced ones. Choose and focus.

Think of it in terms of photography – by focusing the camera, you exclude everything that isn’t essential to the picture. What will frame the narrative of your publicity campaign? What are you willing to exclude in order to capture your success?

Overchoice is always going to be part of the big picture. What ultimately separates you from every other author will be your passion, focus and ability to say NO to the ordinary.

Creative and focused thinking is a prized possession. It can change your world.