The Treasure Hunt for Author Publicity

Written for Where Writers Win

Easter is just around the corner so I am of course looking for creative tie-ins for my authors’ books. This got me thinking about the thrill of the treasure hunt.

It is human nature that we direct our attention to whatever gives us a sense of identity, purpose and adventure. Remember this when you craft a publicity campaign.

Religious organizations, sports teams, twitter feeds, and book clubs all give their followers a sense of identity, purpose and adventure.

Every one of us is on a treasure hunt. Yet we all value different things. Your pitch should be crafted for your specific audience of treasure hunters. They need to identify with it.

Book stores and book festivals are a great example of this. Not everyone hunts for the same kind of book. Your bookstore even makes it easy for you by leaving breadcrumbs – separating books into categories like travel, self-help and business.

You must first REACH your audience and connect with them.  Only then will they follow you on your adventure.

Books exist to satisfy hungers, fulfill dreams  and create adventure.  But primarily books help us discover who we are. Happy hunting!