Literary Latte Podcast – Season 1


The podcast with a Southern accent on writing. Each episode is a jolt of inspiration fueled by engaging conversations with best-selling Southern authors and publishing industry pros who give real-world advice on the craft and business of writing. Inspired, informed and always outside the book.
Hosted by literary publicist, Lynda Bouchard. Powered by storytellers. O

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S1 E13 – When the Detour Becomes the Main Road – In this year-end episode, Lynda reflects on highlights from Season 1 and the common thread in each episode. She shares her thoughts on why writing matters and previews a fascinating, fun-filled Season 2.

Lynda’s Detour – With Dr. Laura Schlessinger, author & SeriusXM radio host

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S1 E12 – Andrew Gross – Historical Thrillers Fashioned From Family Heritage – The best-selling author of over a dozen thrillers sits down with Lynda to talk about his compelling new historical thriller, Button Man, and the riveting inspiration behind it. He talks about his collaboration with James Patterson and the serendipity of that partnership and gives salient advice about taking ownership of your craft. This is an episode for every aspiring writer.
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S1 E11 – Patti Callahan Henry – Weaving Fact and Fiction to Create Joy – New York Times best-selling author Patti Callahan Henry joins Lynda to talk about her newly released historical novel, Becoming Mrs. Lewis , which explores one of the greatest love stories of modern times. Patti shares her reason for writing about Joy Davidman, who became the wife of C.S. Lewis, the surprises she found in her research and the trick of bringing it all together.
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S1 E10 – Lisa Patton – The Rush of a Writing Life – Tennessee native and best-selling author, Lisa Patton, sits down with Lynda to talk about her new novel, RUSH (St. Martin’s Press). She serves up some great advice for writers and shares how her time as a Vt. inn-keeper sparked her writing career.
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S1 E9 – Phil S. Addis – The Making of a Playwright – Playwright, actor and director Phil S. Addis joins Lynda to talk about his debut play, God’s Pinatas, the importance of local theater and the way theater can create change long after the lights have gone up.
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Lynda_The writers Journey - post

S1 E8 – The Writer’s Journey – Lynda shares her insights on the writing life and the way white water kayaking is a lot like a writer’s journey.</a.
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Terry Sweeny Cover

S1 E7 – Terry Sweeney – From Stage to Page with a Saturday Night Live alum – Author and actor, Terry Sweeney, joins Lynda to discuss his comic memoir, his SNL days and embracing the unknown in showbiz and life.
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LastBalladHC C

S1 E6 – Wiley Cash – Finding Truth in Southern Fiction – In his 3rd critically acclaimed novel, The Last Ballad, Wiley Cash takes us back to 1929 N.C. textile mills. He talks about the way he blended history and fiction to tell a true story, why he wrote this book, and the challenge of writing a fiction novel based on real events.
The Mill Mother’s Lament, written by Ella May Wiggins; performed by Pete Seeger. Click here to listen.|

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Flight Attendant

S1 E5 – Chris Bohjalian – Mystery, Mayhem and the Fantasy of Flight – Fasten your seat belts and brace for impact! New York Times #1 best-selling author, Chris Bohjalian talks about his continent crossing crime caper, The Flight Attendant. The fantasy of escape at 35,000 feet has never seemed more intriguing as Chris reveals where he got the idea for The Flight Attendant, the research that went into it, and the way the novel is in the zeitgeist. Bonus: Lynda (a former flight attendant) and Chris take you behind the galley curtain & share stories about their own travel misadventures.
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S1 E4 – Adrian Rice – The Importance of Poetry and Southern Porches – Author of Hickory Station, Adrian is an award-winning Irish poet, band-mate of The Belfast Boys and poem catching porch enthusiast. In this episode Adrian talks with Lynda about the importance of poetry in the modern world, what he thinks about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature and how he met Van Morrison.
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S1 E3 – Shari Stauch – Non-Stop Marketing Matters – Creator of Where Writers Win and former professional billiard-babe, Shari gets the 8 ball in the side pocket during this fast-paced conversation about the importance of having a robust social media presence, book reviews and non-stop marketing. today/ – Use code VIPW20
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S1 E2 – Tracy Lee Curtis – Creative Freedom in Self-Publishing – Award-winning author of Trophy Mom and former humor columnist for the Charlotte Observer, Tracy shares the reality and serendipity of her writing life and the unexpected way American Idol helped launch her career.
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S1 E1 – David Wolf – Developments in the Audio Book Market – on Audio Book production. David discusses developments in the audio book market and its advantages for authors.
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