S1 E5 – Chris Bohjalian – Mystery, Mayhem and the Fantasy of Flight

Flight Attendant

S1 E5 – Chris Bohjalian – If you murdered someone – would you know it? Well, fasten your seat belts and brace for impact because Lynda is in conversation with Chris Bohjalian, who tackles that question in his new novel – The Flight Attendant – and pieces it together with mystery, mayhem and melancholy. Chris is the #1 New York Times – best-selling author of 20 books – 3 have become movies. His many awards include the New England Society Book Award for The Night Strangers and Russia’s Concord Award. His novel, Midwives, was an Oprah Book Club pick. Chris is a distinguished Fellow of the Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences. **OK. So Chris isn’t a Southerner but Lynda just had to interview Chris…it was too perfect. In fact, she still thinks the book is based on her life! Chris hails from her home state of Vermont and Lynda was a Flight Attendant back in glory days of flying. Today, Chris talks about the fantasy of escape at 35,000 feet. He shares where he got the idea for The Flight Attendant and the unexpected way it’s in the news. He gives a peek into his writing process and shares a few encounters with passengers behaving badly.


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