S1 E2 – Tracy Lee Curtis – Creative Freedom in Self-Publishing


S1 E2 – Tracy Lee Curtis – If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s too late to start writing that book you’ve been noodling around in your head – or don’t know where to begin because you never really thought of yourself as a writer then this episode is for you. Tracy Curtis, author of Trophy Mom, came to writing through the back door. She didn’t set out to be a writer. But she’s having fun with it now. Tracy is an award-winning author, speaker and former humor columnist for the Charlotte Observer. She worked as a producer for CNN before she began writing full-time. Her 3 self-published books are a collection of her syndicated columns. She is currently working on a novel that she hopes to traditionally publish and she talks with Lynda about the challenges of that and the way American Idol kick started her writing career.


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