S1 E10 – Lisa Patton – The Rush of a Writing Life


S1 E10 – Lisa Patton – Before she began writing, Lisa enjoyed a career in TV, Radio and the music industry where she was the personal assistant to the Grammy Award-winning artist, Michael McDonald. Now she’s the author of 4 best-selling novels. She first introduced us to her signature writing style in her 2009 debut book – titled, Whistlin’ Dixie in A Nor’easter which brought us inside the world of a Southern belle who decides to become a Vermont inn-keeper. The semi-autobiographical book was transformative for her. Lisa never thought of herself as a writer until a conversation with a famous guest at the inn changed all that! In this episode, Lisa Patton talks about her new novel – Rush – which gives us a ring-side seat to one of the most sacred of all Southern rituals –RUSH week. Rush was inspired by her personal experiences as a member of a Southern Sorority.


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